Programul activităților din cadrul mobilității din Portugalia, 18-22 septembrie2023

Developing Green Skills in Schools and Outdoors

The beauty of the environment reflected in arts

Portugal Activities 

September 2023

18-22 september 

Monday, 18 september –  Day 1

  • Morning (School) )

09:00 am: Welcome reception in school with the director and with the students of the music club

9:30 am: Ice Breaking activities

10:00 Presentation of the video filmed during romanian exchange in Sieu 

10:30 Coffee break

11:00: Presentations of the 3 delegations

12:30: Lunch at school

  • Afternoon

02:00 pm: Briefing related with the Environmental photography contest

03:00 pm: Visit to the city with an archaeologist 

04:30 pm: Time to photograph the environment

05:30 pm: Teachers go to the hotel. Students go to families

19 september – Tuesday

 Day 2

  • Visit to Porto (by BUS)
    • Boat trip in the Douro river 
    • Visit to a Porto Wine Cellar 
    • Lunch time 
    • Free time to visit the city

05:00 pm: Return to Barcelos 

06:30 pm: Arrival at school. Teachers go to the hotel. Students go to families. 

20 september – Wednesday

 Day 3

  • Morning
    • Biology workshop by the river – Activities with an Association of Environmental Sports Practices 
    • Lunch time at school 
  • Afternoon
    • 02:30 pm: Conference with the environment office in the Barcelos Stadium (Gil Vicente football club) (free entrance)

21 september – Thursday

 Day 4

  • Morning

10:00 am: Visit to the Pottery Museum 

10:30 am: Clay workshop 

12:30 am: Lunch time

  • Afternoon
    • Guided tour in the school yard – Identifying school trees
    • Free time to visit the Barcelos fair
    • Teachers formal dinner. Students can have dinner all together

22 september – Friday

Day 5

  • Arts exhibition with the photos collected during the week
  • Certificates Ceremony
  • shared lunch in the city park Pic-Nic
  • Workshop in the nature 

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